How to spell REJOY correctly?

We think the word rejoy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell rejoy correctly

  • coy She gave a coy smile and glanced away.
  • decoy The hunter set up a decoy to lure the ducks into his area.
  • GEO The GEO satellite was launched to observe and report on weather patterns across the entire planet.
  • grey
  • jay I saw a beautiful blue jay perched on the branch of a tree in the park.
  • Jo John is my brother, Jo is his sister.
  • Joe
  • Joey My friend Joey is a great guy.
  • joy The birth of her child filled her heart with joy.
  • key
  • rajah The rajah ruled his kingdom with an iron fist, causing fear and respect among his subjects.
  • ray The sun's ray provided warmth on the chilly morning.
  • re I have to re-do my math homework.
  • ready
  • REC I'm going to record my phone call.
  • RECON The military unit launched a recon mission to gather intelligence on the enemy's positions.
  • recopy I need to recopy this document because I made too many mistakes.
  • recto The recto page of the book had the chapter title and author's name printed on it.
  • recur The same issue seemed to recur again and again, without any clear solution.
  • redo I redo the mistake I made.
  • reedy The creek was reedy and murky.
  • reek The garbage truck passed by us and left a reek of its stinky smell.
  • Reg Reg was pleased to see that his team had won the game.
  • rejig My closet is in such disarray, I need to rejig my clothes storage system.
  • rejoice Flowers rejoice in the morning sun.
  • rejoin We will rejoin the party later.
  • relay The relay station will help us to communicate with the other stations.
  • rely I need your help to verify this information - can you rely on my word?
  • reno I am planning to renovate my kitchen and install a new reno-design.
  • repay I need to repay the money that I borrowed from my friend.
  • Resow I need to resow the garden after the harsh winter.
  • Rex Rex always liked to play in the rain.
  • rho The usage of the Rho function can lead to some confusion.
  • Ricky After school, Ricky went to the arcade to play video games.
  • rico I grew up in a small town and my favorite thing to do was go to the Rico's Pizza.
  • Ridgy
  • rigor The severity of his brutality was matched only by the rigor of his justice.
  • rio The 2016 Summer Olympics were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • rocky The rocky terrain made the hike much more challenging.
  • roe Salmon roe is a delicacy in many countries.
  • rook The rook is a chess piece that can move horizontally or vertically for any number of squares.
  • ropy The ropy texture of the cheese indicated that it had passed its prime.
  • Rory He chased after the thief, Rory.
  • rosy The baby's rosy cheeks were a sign of good health.
  • row I had to row across the lake to get to the other side.
  • Roxy I met Roxy at a party last night and we hit it off.
  • Roy Roy Conli, CEO of the Roy Conli Group, is a good friend of mine.
  • RWY The pilots were instructed to taxi to RWY 12 for takeoff.
  • Ry I'm Ry.

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