What is the correct spelling for RELAITED?

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Correct spelling for RELAITED

We think the word relaited is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for relaited

  • belated But, my dear, you surely aren't a belated follower of Tolstoi!
  • elated We seemed likely to be in for a good fight, and the police especially were highly elated.
  • pleated It is made of lace or cotton, or linen, and is bordered at the neck, the sleeves, and the lower margin with broad ruffs of pleated lace.
  • reality But how much nearer to him in reality was the child when awake and about the house?
  • realized The pointed way in which this was said convinced Mr. Orcutt that his worst fears had been realized.
  • regulated This or the like was the cause of the death of a man who, of all the Hellenes in my time, least deserved such a fate, seeing that the whole course of his life had been regulated with strict attention to virtue.
  • relate The best thing, therefore, that I can do is to relate a few of the events that happened to me.
  • related Conor Explains the Matter After three days Ailill of Connaught asked their business, and King Conor related to him everything as it had occurred-the feast, the dispute for the Champion's Portion, the women's quarrel, and the decision to be judged by King Ailill.
  • relative This argument had its effect: Mac Fane had some doubts relative to the money won of Mr. Clifton; and four thousand pounds was a temptation not to be resisted.
  • relocated
  • requited
  • Bleated Yes, and you, sir: I had lost a sheep an he had not bleated, I must have you all friends: but first a word with you, young gallant, and you, lady.
  • Plaited A mat of plaited African grass, variegated like a carpet, lay beneath their feet in this luxurious conservatory.
  • Raided They raided the office of the official paper, and destroyed the presses and type.
  • Railed Others, Continentals confessedly, railed at Washington for his inaction and supineness.
  • Ratted
  • Rated Lovelace in Cannon Row about seeing how Sir R. Ford did report all the officers of the navy to be rated for the Loyal Sufferers, but finding him at the Rhenish wine-house I could not have any answer, but must take another time.
  • Realities
  • Recited
  • Relaid
  • Relater
  • Relegated
  • Relented
  • Relied
  • Retailed
  • Retaliated
  • relates
  • reacted
  • readied
  • reloaded
  • rebated
  • relived
  • relined
  • reedited
  • retied
  • reunited
  • relayed

325 words made from the letters relaited

3 letter words made from relaited:

eld, tea, ali, let, dre, lee, lir, tai, eel, rit, dat, ail, are, lat, aid, alt, rat, dit, dal, dia, era, red, eat, ire, art, ler, ira, lie, led, dle, tie, tad, ltd, ted, air, ret, rid, lit, lid, tar, ert, tri, eta, ter, rad, ida, tia, lea, ale, ear, die, ate, lei, tee, ade, lad.

5 letter words made from relaited:

eitel, teaed, darle, tilea, alite, datil, riede, leite, ideal, litre, eared, alire, riedl, deter, retal, raeti, dalet, taide, elide, atler, deair, diate, trade, leard, detre, arede, elder, alder, alide, leira, tried, telia, delai, relie, driel, retia, alier, liter, tidel, tiree, elite, laird, diele, eteri, eletr, larid, treed, alter, triad, reile, irate, iater, eater, liera, eleia, reald, artel, ralte, ratel, trial, alere, areel, retie, adret, raide, teera, tiled, drita, elate, tidal, ridel, lidar, deira, erdei, letea, telae, eider, dital, dalei, aerie, teide, tiele, reale, itard, leare, later, tarle, tread, trail, leder, eader, ereli, itera, tiede, letra, eldir, ertle, arild, diler, delta, etail, laide, terai, reate, adeli, teare, alete, eiler, altri, talei, arlit, eliad, aired, radle, dietl, alred, laeti, edite, arete, liart, aldie, aerdi, edale, riled, ildar, trild, idler, tardi, adree, ratee, detar, leear, lited, alert, reali, derai, atire, raite, lider, arled, reial, adire, reila, tired, tilde, trela, edler, ertel, ledra, teria, tiler, lader, eldar, daler, taler, ardee, lirae, erdal, daele.

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