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How to spell RELEAED correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "releaed", fret not, as there are some valid corrections at your disposal. The correct spelling for the word you intended to type is "released". Simply double-check your spelling, proofread your text or use grammar-checking tools to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell releaed correctly

  • Reefed The sailors reefed the sails in anticipation of the strong storm.
  • Reeked The garbage truck drove by and reeked of rotten food.
  • Reeled He reeled backwards as the door slammed shut.
  • Relaid The carpet was relaid after the repairs were done.
  • related The two studies are related in their focus on the effects of climate change.
  • relayed I relayed your message to her, but she hasn't responded yet.
  • relearned After taking a break from playing the piano, I had to relearned some of my favorite songs.
  • release I will release the balloons into the sky.
  • released The new video game was released last week and has already sold out in stores.
  • Relied She relied on her friend's support to get through the difficult situation.
  • relieved After finishing my final exams, I felt relieved that I could finally relax and enjoy my summer.
  • relined The dentist relined the patient's denture to improve its fit and function.
  • relived After finishing all her assignments, she felt relived and decided to take a break.
  • reload I had to reload my gun after shooting the first three targets.
  • reloaded John reloaded his gun before heading into the dark alleyway.
  • Repealed The law was repealed by the government due to public outcry.
  • reread After finishing the book, he decided to reread it to fully comprehend the story.
  • resealed I resealed the container to keep the cookies fresh.
  • reseed I need to reseed my lawn because the grass has become too thin.
  • revealed After the unveiling of her new album, the singer revealed her newfound political interest.
  • Reveled She reveled in the feeling of the warm sun on her skin.

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