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How to spell RELEYING correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "releying" instead of "relying", fear not! Auto-correct can save the day. Alternatively, double-check your spelling using online tools or dictionary apps. Remember, proofreading is key to catch those pesky mistakes. Don't forget to proofread, rely on technology, and trust your own judgment!

List of suggestions on how to spell releying correctly

  • Belaying I had to learn proper belaying techniques before I could start climbing.
  • bellying The bird was bellying low over the water to catch a fish.
  • Belying The serene atmosphere of the park was belying the chaos of the city just beyond its borders.
  • Delaying Delaying your decision may result in missing out on the opportunity.
  • Jellying The fruit mixture was jellying nicely in the pot.
  • rallying The team was clearly rallying, and managed to score three goals in the final minutes of the match.
  • re-lying
  • readying The chef was readying the ingredients for the evening's special dish.
  • Reeling I was reeling from the news when he called.
  • Relating Relating to the news, the stock market is expected to face a major downturn.
  • Relaying I will be relaying your message to the appropriate department.
  • releasing A pleasing aroma emanated from the kitchen as the releasing of the dishwasher filled the air.
  • Relieving Relieving stress through meditation can improve mental health.
  • relining The plumber recommended relining the pipes to prevent leaks.
  • reliving The memories of that day were reliving for her every time she thought about it.
  • Relying Relying solely on luck is not a reliable way to achieve success.
  • Repaying Repaying your debts on time will help you maintain a good credit score.
  • replaying I kept replaying the scene in my head, trying to figure out where it all went wrong.
  • Replying I will be replying to your email shortly.
  • retying

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