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How to spell RELIYING correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "reliying", fear not, as there are a few correct suggestions to consider. The correct spelling of the word you're looking for is "relying". Double-check your typing or autocorrect settings, and make sure to proofread before finalizing any written work to avoid such errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell reliying correctly

  • Belaying Belaying is an important technique in rock climbing to secure the climber's safety.
  • bellying The fish swam by bellying through the water.
  • Belying
  • Delaying Delaying the start of the project will only lead to further setbacks in the long run.
  • Jellying The process of jellying is accomplished by adding pectin to a fruit mixture.
  • rallying The team captain gave a rallying speech to inspire his teammates before the important game.
  • readying She was readying herself for the big race by stretching and taking deep breaths.
  • Realizing Realizing the severity of the situation, she quickly called for help.
  • Relating Relating to the topic of global warming, scientists have found a significant increase in ocean temperature over the past century.
  • Relaying He was relaying the instructions he had received from his superior to his team.
  • Relieving Relieving her stress, she took a long soaking bath.
  • relining The plumber recommended relining the sewer pipes instead of completely replacing them.
  • relishing I am relishing the thought of finally going on vacation after working hard all year.
  • reliving She was reliving the memories of her childhood while going through old photo albums.
  • Relying Relying on others for success can be risky.
  • Repaying Repaying the loan on time will prevent any negative impact on your credit score.
  • replaying I keep replaying the conversation in my head to see where I went wrong.
  • Replying Replying to emails is part of my daily routine.
  • retying I am retying my shoe laces because they came undone.

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