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How to spell RELIZ correctly?

If you meant to type "reliz" but want to correct the misspelling, you can try these possible suggestions: "relax", "release", "realize" or "relief". Each of these words could potentially fit the context depending on what you intended to communicate.

List of suggestions on how to spell reliz correctly

  • belize Belize is a small, Central American country known for its beautiful beaches and tropical climate.
  • Delis I love grabbing a quick sandwich at the nearby delis for lunch.
  • Eliza Eliza is my favorite aunt.
  • Liz Liz is a girl's name.
  • realize I didn't realize the impact my words had on her until she started crying.
  • REL
  • Relaid The relay was relaid and the race resumed.
  • relax Paul tried to relax by reading the news but he couldn't get himself to focus.
  • relay A relay race is a track and field event in which teams or individuals run a short distance relay.
  • relic Given the fact that the item is a relic from the past, it is surprising how well it still functions.
  • relics The museum displayed several ancient relics from the Aztec civilization.
  • Relied It was very important that she relied on her family for support during her tough times.
  • relief After hours of line relief, I was finally able to get answers to my questions.
  • relies The success of our project relies on the cooperation of all team members.
  • reline The dentist had to reline the patient's dentures to improve the fit.
  • relish Deliciously roasted cherry tomatoes are a delicacy that I relish.
  • relive I relive my childhood memories every time I visit my childhood home.
  • rely I always rely on my best friend for support during tough times.

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