How to spell REMIBER correctly?

We think the word remiber is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell remiber correctly

  • amber In every motion and feeling, Amy Amber was a little lady.
  • bomber The "bomber gap" of several years ago was always a fiction, and the "missile gap" shows every sign of being the same.
  • camber Mrs. Camber is the only innocent party.
  • cumber On his study desk were plans and detail drawings which must soon cumber a waste basket.
  • ember He fell upon a glowing ember, and his palms were burned cruelly.
  • limber A direct hit on the limber brought instantaneous death to the wheelers and their beloved driver.
  • lumber Down the hill into the lumber district he walked, and Detective Gubb dodged from tree to tree.
  • member No person of colour is now, however, a member of either chamber in either Colony.
  • number " Number 127, you are wanted in the barristers' room.
  • rambler Some of the wards and the Sisters' bunks are charming at this time of the year, now that larkspur and rambler-roses are cheap in the market.
  • ramie Their ramie fiber top was of a light yellowish color, which looked bright in the moonlight.
  • reamer On account of the extreme length of this reamer in proportion to its diameter, it is fed to its cut by being pulled instead of pushed as is usually the case, the pull placing the rod of the reamer under tension and thus stiffening it; the line of pull is of course true with the axis of the rifle bore.
  • remake My dear fellow, replied Julien, shaking his head, one can not remake one's self.
  • remember "You remember Mr. Breen, don't you, Holker?
  • remiss And now, the seventh year of the war drawing to an end, the commanders began to be suspected as too slow and remiss in driving on the siege, insomuch that they were discharged and others chosen for the war, among whom was Camillus, then second time tribune.
  • remit If you would rather have this small sum at once, I will remit it by return.
  • remote And somehow, San Francisco seemed further away, immeasurably further away, than that one remote star blazing through the vastness of space.
  • remove Now, father, I will remove my wrappings, and order dinner."
  • remover Some airbrush makeups are entirely waterproof unless taken off with a specific remover that breaks down the active ingredient.
  • romper Romper, you can stop in and ask Mr. Ford if he won't go up to Headquarters and connect up the new line.
  • rubber He also liked to play catch-but only with a rubber ball.
  • rumba Influence on other Afro-Cuban traditions Rumba has influenced both the transplanted African drumming traditions and the popular dance music created on the island.
  • rummer There was also a family ring which a gentleman begged very hard for, whereupon by his earnest application he gave it back, and the man assured him he would never appear against him. He was a man of honour, for he happened to meet him some time after at the Rummer and Horseshoe in Drury Lane, where he treated Doyle handsomely, and showed him the ring, and withal declared that he would not be his enemy on any account whatsoever.
  • somber An answering grunt came from one of their camels, and a hubbub of voices sank faintly into the somber depths, as the wind was not felt in that sheltered place.
  • timber In the morning we concluded to go on with the boat to where a great harricane had crossed the river, and blowed all the timber down into it.
  • umber These consisted in combing stiffly back the strands of light-brown hair which, during the day, had exuberantly loosened themselves over her temples into something almost like curls; in fastening down upon this rebellious hair a plain brown-straw bonnet, guiltless of all ornament save a binding ribbon of dull umber hue; and in putting on a thin dark-gray shawl and a pair of equally subdued lisle-thread gloves.
  • Remade This crown has been recently remade for King Edward VII., but has not been altered in any essential details.
  • Comber He looked worried and tired, and by the light of a match for his cigarette, which he lit as he crossed the room to where Toby was sitting, the lines round his eyes, noticed and kindly commiserated a few months before by Ted Comber, seemed deeper and more harshly cut. He threw himself into a chair by Toby.
  • RAMBO For market I prefer Ben Davis, Winesap, Jonathan, Missouri Pippin, and Grimes's Golden Pippin; and for family orchard Maiden's Blush, Early Harvest, Red June, Smith's Cider, and Rambo.
  • renumber The method using A6 records used a hierarchical scheme, in which the mapping of subsequent groups of address bits was specified by additional A6 records, providing the possibility to renumber all hosts in a network by changing a single A6 record.
  • roomier With no relaxing of care we slid him into the wired box which would be his home until he was liberated in his roomier quarters in the Zooelogical Park in New York.
  • remoter This possibility leads us, however, to remoter conclusions.
  • dumber This was followed the next day, 25 July 2011, by another hack superimposing the faces of Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma, the President of the African National Congress and South Africa, on the poster for the movie Dumb & Dumber.
  • ribber Gwin down de ribber-a-hoo-a-O!

List of 50 words made from the word remiber

3 letter words made from remiber:

bmr, err, ire, mri, reb, bee, rib, rbi, mei, rim, rem.

4 letter words made from remiber:

5 letter words made from remiber:

eimer, biere, reber, breer, erber, brier, riber, berre, reier, ermer, ember, merer, mirer, breem, mereb, riebe, briem.

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