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How to spell REMITE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "remite" instead of the word you intended, you may have been referring to "remote". This commonly misspelled term denotes something located far away or operated from a distance. Always double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell remite correctly

  • cremate
  • emit The fluorescent bulbs emit a bright light that illuminates the entire room.
  • eremite The eremite lived a solitary life in the desert.
  • Hermite The Hermite polynomial is a family of polynomials that arise in the study of mathematical physics.
  • mite "I can barely see the mite crawling on my desk.
  • ramie Ramie is a type of fiber that is often used in textile production.
  • recite
  • reit
  • Remade The classic 1950s film was remade with a modern twist.
  • remit The bank informed me that I need to remit the payment before the due date.
  • remits The government remits taxes to the treasury department for its various expenditures.
  • Remitted After serving her sentence, the convict was remitted to jail.
  • remote I should get rid of that remote because it's always getting in the way.
  • remoter The village we were headed towards was getting remoter with every step we took.
  • remotes My parents keep their appliances and TV remotes in the same spot on the shelf.
  • retie I have to retie my shoelaces because one of them came undone.
  • rite The priest performed the final rite of the funeral as the family and friends gathered around the casket.
  • semite The semite community is a hidden one.
  • termite The wooden structure of the house was infested with termite, causing severe damage.

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