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How to spell REMKES correctly?

If you have misspelled "remkes", there are a few possible correct alternatives. One option could be "remakes", which refers to recreating or redoing something. Another possibility is "reminisces", which means to indulge in memories or recall past experiences. Lastly, "remarks" is a valid term for written or spoken comments.

List of suggestions on how to spell remkes correctly

  • rakes The gardeners used rakes to tidy up the fallen leaves.
  • ramses After rescuing Ramses from the alley, he set him back on his feet.
  • rebukes The teacher rebukes the student for not following instructions.
  • reeks
  • remake The studio plans to remake the classic film with a modern twist.
  • remakes Hollywood seems to be running out of original ideas as the number of remakes hitting theaters continues to increase.
  • remiss I was very remiss in not wearing my shoe cover.
  • remits
  • remixes The DJ played a set of popular songs, including some of his own remixes.
  • remotes I can never find any of the remotes to control the TV and the soundbar.
  • removes He removes his jacket and sets it on the chair.
  • REMS The new drug product requires a REMS to ensure its safe use.
  • remus I met Remus during my summer visit to the UK.
  • retakes He had to do retakes for the movie several times because he kept forgetting his lines.
  • revokes The company revokes their offer to the candidate after a background check revealed concerning information.
  • rimes The snow on the branches looked like delicate rimes.

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