How to spell REMOAT correctly?

We think the word remoat is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell remoat correctly

  • cremate 37. Lava that ran into the sea in the last eruption on this island, in the year 1301, or 1302: the place now called Le Cremate.
  • emote
  • fermat Fermat's last theorem says that if a is sufficiently small, then a^3 + b^3 = c^3
  • mat
  • meat I like to cook meat in my oven.
  • moat
  • moot The moot court session is adjourned for lunch.
  • mot My favorite type of movie is the Motown musical.
  • mott Where will you put your mott?
  • rama His intense dramatics made me rethink my position.
  • rat
  • react I Reacted to what you said.
  • read
  • ream
  • rearmost The rearmost row of seats in the cinema are the best place to sit.
  • reboot
  • redo
  • reheat
  • reit Mountains are a major feature of the landscape, and the reit is an impressive sight.
  • reload
  • rem I missed my friend's party because I was remiss in sending a RSVP.
  • remand
  • rematch I'll rematch you in tennis.
  • remedy I drank the milk to remedy my fever.
  • remit
  • remold I need to remold the plastic handle on this broken chair.
  • remote
  • remount
  • remove I need you to remove the table from in front of the door.
  • repeat
  • report The report stated that the company's profits were down.
  • resort I'm going to the island resort for the weekend.
  • retort
  • riot A riot started when the students didn't get their way.
  • road
  • roam I aim to roam the world before I die.
  • roast
  • roman The Romans conquered much of Europe.
  • root I do not know the word "root".
  • rot The car had rot in the engine.
  • rout It is best to avoid roads when hiking in the woods; they can be quite dangerous.
  • Mort
  • Remade After alterations, the dress fit better.
  • Remelt The metal was remelted and used in new products.
  • remits I send my taxes every month.
  • EMT The emergency medical technician was on scene very quickly.
  • MOET After dinner, we went out for a moet.
  • REMAP The city must first REMAP its infrastructure plans.
  • RESAT I don't want to resat this test.
  • remotes Please make sure you have the correct remotes for your TV.
  • reformat
  • remoter

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  • aridly
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