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How to spell RENAGED correctly?

The correct spelling of "renaged" is actually "reneged". It means to go back on a promise or commitment. Some possible correct suggestions for the misspelling may include "renegged", "renege" or "reniged". However, the correct spelling is always the best option.

List of suggestions on how to spell renaged correctly

  • Managed I managed to finish my work on time despite the numerous interruptions.
  • Raged The storm raged on, shaking the windows and rattling the roof.
  • Ranged The archers in the back of the army ranged their arrows and prepared for battle.
  • ravaged The town was ravaged by the tornado, leaving behind a trail of destruction.
  • renamed The company was renamed after its acquisition by a larger multinational corporation.
  • renege The company promised to provide health insurance benefits but then decided to renege on its commitment.
  • reneged He promised to pay me back, but he reneged on his promise.
  • reneger He is known as a reneger because he often goes back on promises he's made.
  • reneges He reneges on his promise every time he gets a better offer.
  • renewed After a long health break, the athlete had a renewed energy and started training harder than ever.
  • Rented I rented a car for my vacation to the beach.
  • ringed The tree was ringed with a circle of stones.

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