How to spell RENATA correctly?

We think the word renata is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell renata correctly

  • brent Miss Brent looked at her watch.
  • gnat When Titus landed, a gnat entered his nostrils, and for seven years together made holes in his brains.
  • grenada The corvette had been detained longer than was expected at Madeira, and had been three days in the magnificent harbour of Grenada.
  • manta
  • nato
  • neat I think your hair is neat.
  • pinata
  • rant Nina sometimes has a rant about the way things are in the world.
  • rat
  • rate If you're considering a movie to watch, I would give it a 6 out of 10 rates.
  • react
  • read
  • rebate I got a rebate on my last purchase.
  • recant She recanted her earlier statements.
  • reenact The reenactment of the battle was incredibly dramatic.
  • regatta
  • reit
  • relate To relate to someone is to feel a close connection with them.
  • renal The patient suffered from renal failure.
  • rename
  • rend The landscape was breathtaking, and the weather appeared to be perfect for a hike.
  • render The rendering of your AI will greatly improve its performance.
  • rennet I am testing the rennet to make sure it is properly dissolved.
  • reno The Renoreno Hotel is an award-winning 5-star hotel in downtown Reno.
  • renovate The party decided to renovate the old building.
  • rent
  • rental
  • renter A renter is someone who leases or rents property.
  • resonate The strings of the violin resonated through the room.
  • reunite
  • rna The scientists were able to extract DNA from theRNA.
  • rota
  • runt
  • runty The runty little rabbit ran away.
  • senate I interviewed with the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • sonata Johann Sebastian Bach was a celebrated composer of sonatas.
  • Nat If I had a penny for every time Nat called, I'd be a millionaire.
  • Rented I just rented a new movie from the library.
  • Trent The city of Trenton is home to the Trenton Thunder baseball team.
  • Rene Rene was always looking for ways to improve her tennis skills.
  • Benita
  • Brenda Brenda is greeting the new arrival.
  • Nita Nita is a very thoughtful person.
  • Rena
  • Rita Rita is a lovely name.
  • Nate I used to be scared of spiders, but then I met Nate.
  • Renault
  • Santa
  • Reyna I do not know who Reyna is.
  • Ronda Ronda was a gorgeous young woman who looked like she could do anything.
  • rents The monthly rent for the apartment is $1,200.
  • rants Bob's rant about the traffic caused him to miss his bus.
  • RESAT Resat is a Turkish word meaning "to rest".
  • aren't Aren't you going to the party?

List of 64 words made from the word renata

3 letter words made from renata:

eat, ear, aar, tea, ane, eta, ten, art, ert, era, rna, tan, ent, ter, ara, ant, net, ret, ate, are, rat, tar, ern, ana.

4 letter words made from renata:

5 letter words made from renata:

anter, arena, ertan, tarea, ratae, arent, renta, ntare, reata, ranat, ranta, taean, ratan, terna, tarna, netra, naret, ratna, earnt.

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