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How to spell RENEVIGATE correctly?

If you have encountered the misspelling "Renevigate", fear not! The correct term you might be looking for is "Renovate". Renovate refers to the process of improving or repairing something, usually a building, to give it a new and enhanced appearance.

List of suggestions on how to spell Renevigate correctly

  • Navigate I need to navigate through the crowded streets to reach my destination on time.
  • Rededicate After struggling for many years, she decided to rededicate herself to her passion for painting.
  • Redesignate The city council voted to redesignate the area as a historical district.
  • Relegate After losing multiple games in a row, the team knew they would be relegated to a lower division.
  • Remediate The company hired experts to remediate the pollution caused by their factory.
  • Renegade The renegade soldier went rogue and defected from his troop.
  • Renominate I will renominate my colleague for the prestigious award due to his outstanding performance.
  • Renovate The homeowners decided to renovate their kitchen, updating the appliances and adding a new island.

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