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How to spell RENIGEAT correctly?

If you're trying to correct the misspelling "Renigeat", here are a few possibilities to consider. First, "Renegade" is a term used to describe someone who rebels against conventions. Second, "Renovate" means to restore or improve a property. Lastly, "Reignite" refers to the act of reigniting or rejuvenating something.

List of suggestions on how to spell Renigeat correctly

  • Benignant The teacher's benignant smile put the students at ease.
  • Denigrate I refuse to denigrate my colleagues' hard work and accomplishments.
  • Enigma The disappearance of Amelia Earhart remains an enigma that captivates people to this day.
  • Enigmas The intricately designed puzzles challenged even the greatest detectives, as they tried to unravel the enigmas presented before them.
  • Entreat I humbly entreat you to reconsider your decision.
  • Exigent The doctor deemed the patient's condition as exigent and rushed them into surgery.
  • Lenient The judge was lenient and decided to give the young offender a second chance.
  • Meningeal Meningeal inflammation can result in severe headaches and neck stiffness.
  • Penitent After stealing the purse, the penitent thief returned it and asked for forgiveness.
  • Predigest I predigest the information for my students by breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms.
  • Rangiest The cheetah is known for being the rangiest of all land animals.
  • Reagent The scientist carefully measured the reagent before adding it to the reaction mixture.
  • Redirect I had to redirect the shipment to a different address due to an error in the original delivery information.
  • Regent The regent ruled the kingdom with wisdom and grace in the absence of the true king.
  • Regiment The regiment stood in formation, ready for their next mission.
  • Reheat I'll have to reheat the leftovers from dinner last night for lunch today.
  • Reinfect If you don't take the proper precautions, you can reinfect yourself with the flu virus.
  • Reinsert After cleaning the wound, the doctor carefully reinserted the stitches.
  • Reinvent He decided to reinvent himself and start a new career after years of working in the same industry.
  • Reinvest After selling his company, he decided to reinvest the profits into a new business venture.
  • Relight The soft glow of the candle relight fills the room with a warm ambiance.
  • Remigrate After spending several years in a foreign country, she decided to remigrate back to her home country.
  • Renege He promised to help me move, but then proceeded to renege on his commitment.
  • Reneged I was disappointed when my roommate reneged on our agreement to split the rent equally.
  • Reneger He was known as a reneger, constantly promising to do something and then going back on his word.
  • Renegers The renegers tried to cheat their way out of paying their debts.
  • Reneges He reneges on his promise to help with the project, leaving us to finish it on our own.
  • Rennet Rennet is an enzyme used in the production of cheese to coagulate milk.
  • Repeat Please repeat after me.
  • Reseat I had to reseat the battery in my laptop because it wasn't connecting properly.
  • Resident The city council meeting was attended by several residents who voiced their concerns about the new development project.
  • Reticent She was reticent about sharing her true feelings with anyone.
  • Retreat After a long day of work, I like to retreat to my favorite coffee shop to relax and unwind.

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