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How to spell REPALED correctly?

The correct spelling for "repaled" is "repealed". Suggestions to remember the correct spelling include using spelling tools such as autocorrect, sounding out the word, and practicing spelling commonly misspelled words. It's important to strive for accurate spelling in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell repaled correctly

  • Paled The bright colors of the painting paled over time due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Pealed The church bells pealed loudly across the countryside, announcing the start of the Sunday service.
  • re-pealed
  • Reaped The farmer reaped a bountiful harvest of vegetables from his fields.
  • recalled The company recalled the faulty products to prevent any further harm to its customers.
  • Reeled The fishermen reeled in a large catch of tuna.
  • Regaled The king regaled his guests with tales of his adventures.
  • repacked After cleaning out my closet, I repacked my clothes in a more organized manner.
  • Repaid After borrowing money from his friend, he repaid the loan within a week.
  • repaired
  • Repealed
  • repeated
  • Repelled I couldn't even go near the spider without feeling repelled.
  • replaced The old lamp was replaced with a new one.
  • replayed I replayed the song so many times that I memorized every lyric.
  • Replied
  • Repulsed I was repulsed by the sight and smell of the rotting garbage heap.
  • resealed I resealed the package with fresh tape to ensure that it would not open during transit.
  • Retailed
  • revalued The company revalued their assets and discovered they were worth more than they had previously anticipated.
  • revealed The DNA test revealed that he was not the biological father.
  • rippled

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