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How to spell REPEALD correctly?

If you were looking for the correct spelling of "repeald", it is actually "repealed". Common misspellings like this can often be corrected by using spellcheck or referring to a dictionary. Additionally, verifying the correct spelling through a quick online search can save you from any future spelling errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell repeald correctly

  • Repaid I have repaid my debt in full.
  • repeal The government plans to repeal the new tax law.
  • Repealed The law prohibiting same-sex marriage was repealed in many countries, granting equal rights to all.
  • repeals The senator introduced a bill to Congress that repeals the current tax law.
  • repeat I heard the answer, but could you please repeat it?
  • repeated The teacher repeated the instructions for the project one more time.
  • repel The smell of the rotten food was strong enough to repel even the hungriest of animals.
  • Repelled The strong odor of rotten eggs repelled the dinner guests.
  • repels The smell of rotten eggs repels most people.
  • resealed The documents had been resealed and hidden away.
  • revealed The investigation finally revealed the true culprit of the crime.

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