Correct spelling for REPLACIE

We think the word replacie is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for replacie

  • Place(Definition of place)
  • The question is, what would you do if you were in my place?"

  • Replay(Definition of replay)
  • Improvements in technology, including digital super-slow motion replay and pressure-sensitive digital timers, have increased precision in resolving dead heats.

  • Relapse(Definition of relapse)
  • Relapse into gloom and despondency, and the smile dies away from the picture.

  • Replies
  • Erec replies: "little esteem you have for me, and lightly you hold my words.

  • Fireplace(Definition of fireplace)
  • He had every thing around the house attended to in prime good season; and his fireplace wore as bright a glow, for its size, as did deacon farnham's own.

  • Replace(Definition of replace)
  • Sheila's hair fell over her face as she bent to replace his bandages.

  • Replays
  • In canada, cbc and cbc newsworld broadcasts the ceremony live, starting at 1:00 pm est, with several replays on both networks throughout the day.

  • Replacing
  • Whilst he was replacing the cupboard, she would glide across the brewhouse, take the key from the top of the copper, run upstairs, unlock the door, and bring back the key again: if he returned to bed, which was unlikely, he would think the lock had failed to catch in the staple.

  • Replaces
  • In another version of the legend wine replaces the beer and is made out of "the blood of those who formerly fought against the gods," cf.

  • Replied
  • "of course they did," he replied brusquely.

  • Repulse(Definition of repulse)
  • She won't dismiss you; she will repulse you, of course, but she won't let you go.

  • Replaced
  • Whenever needed, it was sent to the house of the dead; and, so soon as it had discharged its office, it was replaced here.

  • Plaice(Definition of plaice)
  • Power had done even more than he had promised, for he had caught a salmon-peel and three or four flounders, besides his conger; while the rest of the party, who had gone to another spot, had caught some basse, and some plaice, and other flat fish.

  • Replica(Definition of replica)
  • Subsequently it was carefully cut in amsterdam, a paste replica made for purposes of display in the course of trade, and then added to paternostro's stock-perhaps not because he expected to dispose of it to the first chance customer, but rather by reason of the prestige which the ownership of so superb a jewel would give him; it was an excellent advertisement.

257 words made from the letters replacie

3 letter words made from replacie:

cpr, pic, ali, lee, cia, lac, lie, per, cpi, pei, are, ail, apc, ice, aec, alp, pal, car, arc, arp, crp, par, cpa, epi, ape, lea, epa, ler, ire, cer, rep, pel, lir, pie, air, pea, pee, lip, lei, pia, ear, rip, eec, pre, pac, eel, rap, ira, ale, cli, cap, apr, lap, prc, ace, era.

4 letter words made from replacie:

5 letter words made from replacie:

pirae, pacer, prica, clipe, cilea, eiler, arcel, pecel, clere, peace, pearl, rapil, crepe, lirae, leare, calpe, ercel, reali, epler, perie, picea, erice, acier, relie, cipla, cerae, clier, leape, alere, caere, parce, palce, liepa, elric, caril, cipel, perai, paree, prece, peria, piela, peaer, celer, ieper, erica, paler, recap, lacri, alper, leper, peire, peril, leira, peira, perec, acree, peral, place, peice, aerie, capre, creel, preca, pelea, caper, arpil, perca, leear, piere, reale, ceral, perea, capri, arpel, creal, lepic, creil, prela, relic, rapee, april, leepa, liera, price, riepe, clear, lacer, piele, pilar, reila, pilea, ereli, licra, creep, reial, repel, alier, peare, epice, pical, piece, plier, reile, rapel, prlic, areel, prile, arcee, caire, parli, crile, repla, plica, eleia, recai, crape, alire.