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How to spell RESERED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "resered", fear not! Here are a few correct alternatives for this misspelling. The correct spelling is "reserved", emphasizing the "v" instead of the incorrect "s". Other options include "revered" and "referred", depending on the intended meaning. Remember to proofread your work to avoid such mistakes!

List of suggestions on how to spell resered correctly

  • desired
  • Reared I was reared in the rural countryside.
  • Receded The sun had already receded from the sky by the time I reached the top of the hill.
  • refereed The manuscript was sent to a group of experts to be refereed before it could be published.
  • Referred The patient is referred to a specialist.
  • rehired After being laid off due to budget cuts, John was rehired by the company when they expanded their workforce.
  • rescued The firefighters rescued the stranded cat from the tree.
  • resealed He resealed the envelope after realizing he forgot to include the check.
  • reseed The groundskeeper will reseed the lawn in the spring.
  • Resend
  • reserved I thought the seat was reserved for me, but it was already taken.
  • Resided He had resided in that area for many years.
  • resoled My shoes needed a new set of soles and I resoled them for free.
  • Resorted Kevin resorted to sweet talk to get what he wanted.
  • Respired The patient's oxygen levels improved after he respired better with the help of the oxygen mask.
  • rested I needed to take a break from working so I could rested.
  • restored The old car had been completely restored and looked brand new.
  • Resumed She resumed her talk after a brief pause.
  • retired She is retired from her job, but still active in her community.
  • revered The revered grandmother was an important member of the family.
  • rewired After the electrical problem was fixed, the entire circuit had to be rewired.

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