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How to spell RESNT correctly?

If you mistakenly type "resnt", worry not! Auto-correct is here to save the day. Likely alternatives include "recent", "resent", and "rest". The most appropriate option largely depends on the context. Fortunately, technology has got you covered in rectifying such minor spelling blunders.

List of suggestions on how to spell resnt correctly

  • cent
  • present
  • rant I couldn't help but rant about my terrible experience at the restaurant to my friends.
  • recent My recent purchase was a new laptop.
  • rend The earthquake was so strong that it could rend the earth apart.
  • rennet The cheesemaker used rennet to help coagulate the milk and create a firmer texture.
  • rent I need to pay rent for my apartment by the end of the month.
  • Resend
  • resent Parents should resent their children's bad behavior.
  • resents She resents being treated like a child by her older sibling.
  • reset I had to reset my password after I forgot it.
  • resin The statue was made of durable resin.
  • resit I failed my exam and now I have to resit it in order to pass.
  • resort I'm going to a resort for my honeymoon.
  • rest Please stop pacing and give me some peace, I need some rest.
  • runt
  • rust My old car is starting to rust.
  • sent I sent my friend a text message to let her know I was running late.
  • wrest He's been trying to wrest control of the team.

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