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How to spell RESOLVEED correctly?

If you intended to write "resolved" but misspelled it as "resolveed", here are some suggestions to correct it. First, delete the second 'e' to make it "resolved". Alternatively, you can rewrite it as "resol-ved" or "resol-veed" to indicate a blend of "resolved" and the intended misspelling, highlighting the error while maintaining the word's readability.

List of suggestions on how to spell resolveed correctly

  • re solved
  • resoled The shoe had been resoled but was showing signs of wear.
  • resolve She made a resolution to try and resolve the conflict between her two friends.
  • resolved After many discussions and debates, the team finally resolved the issue.
  • Resolver A good resolver can always find a solution to a problem.
  • resolves She resolves to work harder in school and achieve better grades.
  • revolved

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