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How to spell RESOUSES correctly?

To correct the common misspelling "resouses", one can use online spell-check tools or rely on the built-in spell-check feature in various word processing software. Alternately, referring to a dictionary, asking someone for help or simply typing the correct word "resources" can also rectify the mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell resouses correctly

  • Rebuses It was difficult to understand him because he spoke in a series of rebuses.
  • refuses He always refuses to eat vegetables.
  • reposes The old man reposes in his favorite chair every afternoon.
  • rescues The fire department often rescues cats from trees.
  • Resources
  • resumes Sarah has sent out a dozen resumes this week in hopes of finding a job before the end of the month.
  • reuses
  • rouses The loud noise from the thunder rouses the baby from his sleep.
  • souses The recipe called for souses to be added to the marinade.

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