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How to spell RESURE correctly?

If you meant "resure" as a misspelling of "resurrect", some suggestions might include "resurrect", "raise from the dead" or "bring back to life". If you meant it as a misspelling of "ensure", some suggestions might include "ensure", "assure" or "guarantee."

List of suggestions on how to spell resure correctly

  • assure I can assure you that your package will arrive on time.
  • desire She had a strong desire to become a successful writer.
  • erasure The erasure of sensitive information is important for maintaining privacy.
  • leisure
  • measure I need to measure the length of this piece of wood before I cut it.
  • pressure The air pressure in the tires should be checked regularly to ensure safe driving.
  • reassure I called my parents to reassure them that I was okay after the big storm hit.
  • rebury The archaeologists decided to rebury the remains of the ancient civilization in its original location to preserve it for future generations.
  • Rehire The company policy states that former employees who were terminated for reasons other than misconduct may be eligible for rehire.
  • require
  • resale I plan on selling my item resale.
  • rescue I was able to rescue my dog from the park.
  • reserve I will reserve a table at the restaurant for our anniversary dinner.
  • reside
  • resole I had to resole my shoes because the soles were worn out after so much walking.
  • resort We are looking for a quiet and relaxing resort to spend our vacation.
  • resource Please help me find my resource.
  • respire Fish respire through gills while dolphins and whales respire through lungs.
  • restore Please restore my file.
  • resume I need to update my resume before I can apply for the job.
  • resurvey
  • retire
  • reuse I always reuse my plastic water bottle to reduce waste.
  • revere I revere my grandmother for her kind and selfless nature.
  • rewire He began to rewire the broken household appliance.
  • sure I am sure that we can work out this problem.
  • treasure She found a treasure trove of jewelry in the drawer.

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