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How to spell RETALING correctly?

The misspelling "retaling" should be corrected to "retailing". Other possible correct suggestions could be "retail", "retails" or "retailer". The correct spelling is important for clarity and professionalism in written communication, especially in the business world.

List of suggestions on how to spell retaling correctly

  • dealing
  • detailing He spent hours meticulously detailing every inch of the antique car.
  • rattling The train was rattling down the tracks.
  • re tailing
  • re-tailing
  • reading
  • recalling She closed her eyes, recalling the warm sunshine on her face during her childhood summer vacations.
  • Reeling After hearing the news of his father's sudden death, Jack was reeling with shock and disbelief.
  • Regaling The storyteller was regaling the audience with tales of adventure and bravery.
  • Relating My family's history is something that I am always exploring, relating it back to my life.
  • Repealing The government is considering repealing the controversial law that has been in place for decades.
  • resealing I am resealing the package to protect the contents.
  • restyling The fashion designer decided to restyling the vintage dress by adding new details and accessories.
  • retailing My dad has worked in retailing for over 20 years.
  • retain I'm going to retain all of the important information.
  • retaining He was having trouble retaining information from the lecture.
  • retaking I am retaking the exam to improve my score.
  • Retarding The use of friction can be effective in retarding the momentum of a moving object.
  • retelling The teacher asked for a retelling of the story to ensure everyone understood it.
  • retying
  • revaluing
  • revealing The revealing documentary shed light on the corruption within the company.
  • ritalin My psychiatrist prescribed Ritalin for my ADHD.
  • Staling

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