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How to spell REUMES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "reumes", here are a few suggestions to rectify the error. The correct spelling is "resumes", meaning a summary of your skills and experience presented during job applications. Paying attention to such details enhances your chances of securing employment opportunities.

List of suggestions on how to spell reumes correctly

  • cremes I picked up some cremes for my lipstick.
  • reamers She loved going rummaging through the reamers.
  • REAMS I have to print out reams of paper for my upcoming presentation.
  • regimes The new regimes in eastern Europe offer a model for democratic transition abroad.
  • REMS They established a REMS for the drug.
  • remus
  • resume
  • resumes She went through several rounds of interviews and submitted multiple resumes before finally landing her dream job.
  • reuse We're going to reuse the empty containers for recyclables.
  • reuses She always reuses plastic bags to be more environmentally friendly.
  • revues Revues are popular theater shows.
  • rhymes
  • rimes I cannot stress how important it is to practice your rimes.
  • roues Roues translates to "wheels" in French.
  • rues She now rues the day she agreed to work for her boss's company.
  • rumps The butcher offered me some juicy rumps of beef for my BBQ party.
  • RUMS

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