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How to spell REVANCHEE correctly?

If you are trying to type "revanchee" but it is a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions: revenge, revanchism, revanche. Double-check the context and meaning you intend to convey, then choose the correct term.

List of suggestions on how to spell revanchee correctly

  • debauchee The notorious debauchee filled his nights with wild parties and excessive indulgence.
  • evacuee During the hurricane, the Red Cross provided temporary shelter for the evacuees who had to leave their homes.
  • ranched She worked on a ranched in Wyoming, tending to the cattle and horses.
  • rancher The rancher tended to his cattle and horses on the vast, sun-drenched plains.
  • ranches There are many cattle ranches in the western part of the United States.
  • reached The hiker finally reached the summit after hours of hiking.
  • reacher Jack Reacher, the protagonist in Lee Child's thriller series, is known for his extraordinary strength and combat skills.
  • Reacher Jack Reacher is the protagonist in a popular series of crime thriller novels written by Lee Child.
  • reaches The hiker finally reaches the summit of the mountain after hours of climbing.
  • relaunched The company relaunched their website with a new design and improved functionality.
  • relaunches The company plans to relaunches its flagship product with a new and improved design.
  • rematched They rematched in the final round of the tournament.
  • rematches After losing the first match, the team is determined to schedule rematches with their rivals to prove their skills.
  • rewatched Last night, I rewatched my favorite movie for the hundredth time.
  • rewatches After finishing the entire series, she often rewatches her favorite episodes of the show.
  • Wenatchee Wenatchee is a beautiful city located in Washington state.

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