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How to spell REVERTE correctly?

If you intended to type "reverte" but made a spelling error, some possible correct suggestions would be "revert", "reverie" or "revertible". "Revert" means to return to a previous state, "reverie" refers to a daydream or a state of being lost in one's thoughts, and "revertible" means capable of being reverted or reversed.

List of suggestions on how to spell reverte correctly

  • evert I was unsure if I should evert the umbrella or not, fearing it might break.
  • revere As a devout follower, she learned to revere the teachings of her religious leader.
  • revered Mahatma Gandhi is revered for his leadership in the Indian independence movement.
  • reverie I was lost in reverie as I stared out the window, watching the leaves change color.
  • revers
  • reverse I need to reverse the direction of this car so I can park it.
  • reversed I accidentally reversed the order of the steps and messed up the recipe.
  • revert After considering all options, we decided to revert back to our original plan.
  • Reverted After realizing the error, the system was reverted back to its previous version.
  • reverts If you don't make any changes, the system reverts to its default settings.

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