Correct spelling for REVIEVING

We think the word revieving is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for revieving

  • reliving So much for what this book is not. What it is, I could not help making it, choosing from the material stored in my memory; reliving, as fancy dictated in long northern winter evenings, the sunny spells between 1874 and 1903 when I might call Java my home; resuming my walks in the charming island pleasance of the East, fain to leave the congested main roads and disport myself along by-paths and unfrequented lanes where solace and repose await the weary wanderer.
  • revising He hopes that it will help you in revising your translation into German which you have already made.
  • reviving A cloud of disgustful feelings swept over the man's face, such as fill a refined heart while reviving some passion that has died out in contempt.
  • revolving He wheeled his revolving chair away from the germs and fixed me with his keen eyes.
  • Receiving He mingled among the country people throughout the day, giving and receiving pleasure wherever he went.
  • Reeving In the hut were doors and green blinds from the cabin of some unlucky vessel, and reeving blocks, tar buckets, halliards, drinking gourds, fragments of rope, fishing nets, and two old hatches were scattered on the ground.
  • Relieving The Germans had not expected the attack for another two days, and last night were endeavouring to relieve some of their exhausted troops by new divisions, the 3rd Bavarians relieving the 24th Saxons, and the 104th Infantry Reserve the 23rd Bavarians.
  • Reveling They promptly banished from the island that hateful and bloody agent of the Romish church, the Inquisition, which had taken deep root in Malta, and which was reveling in its bigotry, cruelty, and despotism, defying the authority of all recognized and regularly constituted laws.
  • Revering In the Grand Canyon of Arizona, that most exhilarating of all natural phenomena, Nature has for once so focussed her effects, that the result is a framed and final work of Art. For there, between two high lines of plateau, level as the sea, are sunk the wrought thrones of the innumerable gods, couchant, and for ever revering, in their million moods of light and colour, the Master Mystery.
  • Reviling How long she sat like that she could not tell, but hours must have passed unnoted-hours during which, with eyes unvisited by sleep, she had gone on and on through her old life, and the scenes, when her husband had returned from his work, bitterly reviling Gartram for some real or fancied wrong, and then a light seemed to flash into the room like the light she had been expecting, and the doctor stood before her with a curious, intense look in his countenance, one she recalled vividly as having been there on the day her husband died.
  • reviewing I wanted some one to comfort me, to reassure me against life which seemed to me suddenly now perilous and remorseless; moreover some one seemed to be reviewing my life for me and displaying it to me, laying bare all its uselessness and insignificance.
  • revving The motor caught, and after it had idled a few minutes McGee began revving it up.

144 words made from the letters revieving

3 letter words made from revieving:

ern, vie, eve, eeg, rig, ene, vii, gin, nig, rev, ire, erg, ige, nee, gee, gen.

4 letter words made from revieving:

ingi, rege, revi, erei, engi, gvir, ving, vine, veng, vien, erni, vein, egen, inge, reen, veer, gien, ngee, erie, egin, rein, eier, even, rive, reeg, eire, nive, ring, reni, ever, iive, veve, grin, nige, veni, erne, gene, eini, eien, viiv, iing, give, vier, egri, veen.

5 letter words made from revieving:

inger, givin, vivie, renig, evren, negri, niver, genre, ierne, riege, vinge, giver, never, negev, gener, regev, enver, vengi, gerne, venir, igene, vieng, egner, given, einie, neive, ringe, verve, eigen, neier, viene, vener, negre, vieri, ergen, giren, griev, iring, regni, viger, reign, neige, genri, eiger, viren, nervi, green, rieng, veren, ering, vegie, verne, grine, ergin, geier, verni, reive, nerve, grein, rieve, niere, invig, igive, reing, vieni, neger, verge, viven, giner, givee, enger, viver, gerin, vivre, gieen, verin, niger, vivir, vigen, renge, nieve, rivne, vigne.

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