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How to spell REW correctly?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "rew" instead of the intended word, fear not! It could be autocorrect playing tricks. Common correct suggestions for "rew" include "red", "raw", and "row". Double-check your text, and with a quick correction, your intended message will be crystal clear!

List of suggestions on how to spell rew correctly

  • brew I'm going to use this French press to brew my coffee.
  • crew The crew was exhausted after working 12 hours on the ship.
  • dew The grass was covered in a blanket of dew, sparkling in the morning sunlight.
  • drew
  • few I have a few more questions before we begin the project.
  • Grew
  • hew The lumberjack used his axe to hew the tree trunk into manageable pieces.
  • jew
  • Lew There are several people named Lew in the world, including Lew Ford, Lew Wallace, and Lew Ayres.
  • mew As the kitten stared up at her with its big blue eyes, it let out a soft mew.
  • new
  • pew I sat down on the hard wooden pew during the church service.
  • raw The sushi chef prepared a platter of raw fish.
  • re
  • REC I read the article in Rec Room.
  • red The ripe apples on the tree were a vibrant shade of red.
  • ref I need to check your game tape to see if there were any missed calls by the ref.
  • Reg Reg was shocked when he heard the news.
  • REL
  • rem
  • rep I can get you a good rep with the boss if you work hard.
  • res
  • rev The car needed a new engine, but the mechanic said the rev could be fixed.
  • Rex Rex is the name of my friend's pet dog.
  • row I like to sit in the front row of the movie theater.
  • sew
  • yew The yew tree in the park is over a hundred years old.

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