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How to spell RHAMUS correctly?

If you're referring to the misspelling "rhamus", it might actually be the word "rhombus" that you're searching for. Rhombus is a geometric shape with four equal sides and opposite parallel angles. Double-check your spelling and consider this correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell rhamus correctly

  • Amus
  • Camus Albert Camus was a famous philosopher and writer who explored themes of existentialism and absurdism in his works.
  • Champs The basketball team from our school are the champs of the district championship.
  • Hamas Hamas is a Palestinian Sunni-Islamic fundamentalist militant organization founded in 1987.
  • Hams I purchased a few slices of hams from the deli for sandwiches.
  • Humus The humus was rich in nutrients and helped to improve the quality of the soil.
  • Ramos " Ramos is an excellent defender for Real Madrid."
  • Ramps The skateboarder decided to practice his tricks on the ramps at the local skate park.
  • RAMS The Los Angeles Rams won the NFC Championship game in 2018.
  • Rasmus Rasmus studied hard for his final exams.
  • Reams She printed out reams of documents for the upcoming meeting.
  • Remus " Remus Lupin was one of Harry Potter's favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers."
  • Rhesus Rhesus macaques are commonly used in medical research due to their anatomical and genetic similarity to humans.
  • Rhombus A rhombus is a quadrilateral with all sides equal in length.
  • Rhymes Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after - it rhymes!
  • Roams The wild horse roams free in the vast plains.
  • Seamus Seamus is an Irish name that means "one who serves."
  • Shames She shames herself for not studying harder for the exam.
  • Shams Shams was the first to arrive at the party.
  • Thames The Thames River flows through the heart of London and is an iconic symbol of the city.
  • Thymus The thymus gland plays an important role in the development of T-lymphocytes.
  • Whams The car hit the curb and whams! I spilled my coffee all over my lap.

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