Correct spelling for RHETOIC

We think the word rhetoic is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rhetoic

  • chaotic Outside the window the same chaotic sweep and whirl of the atmosphere prevailed.
  • erotic And this brings us back to our starting-point-Dr. Jakobowski's peculiar argument concerning the "love poems" which he feels sure must be sung at the erotic dances of the natives, though they are carefully concealed from the missionaries.
  • heretic It depends,-in the first place, on whether the bishop thinks me a heretic.
  • poetic As a matter of fact, poetic prose has always been used.
  • recto (Transcriber's Note: nothing on the verso, and one unsigned woodcut illustration opposite the recto)
  • rector Immanem profecto jacturam facimus in amissione Viri qui, ut recte dicis, Magnifice Rector, renascentis Lovaniensis Academiae quodam modo pater fuit, et diuturno tempore gubernator prudentissimus, et praecipuum ejus lumen et decus et ornamentum; quem nos quidem eodem desiderio lugemus quo filii parentem.
  • relic Whether it was actually upon the rough walls of this small chamber that Shivaji's eyes first rested is open to considerable doubt, and probably they are but a small portion of a once spacious mansion which covered the surrounding area, now relic-strewn and desolate, and in which the family of the chieftain resided.
  • restock Where were they going? Was Black Rock Creek a regular hiding place of the "Terror?" Had her commander a depot here for stores or provisions? Did they come here to restock their craft, when the whim of their wild voyaging brought them to this part of the continent? Did they know this deserted, uninhabited spot so well, that they had no fear of ever being discovered here?
  • retail Suits and Countersuits All of the foregoing changes in name and business organization must have been highly confusing to the wide array of agents and retail druggists over many states and the provinces of Canada with whom these several firms had been doing business.
  • retain Their upper crust is too light-their substratum too porous to retain the fructifying substances lavished upon them.
  • retake I had written previous to this interview to the governor-general, Lord Elgin, of the first effort to retake him as a murderer.
  • retie
  • retool
  • retort
  • retouch
  • rhetoric
  • rheumatic
  • rotc
  • rustic
  • stoic
  • tic
  • retook
  • robotic

190 words made from the letters rhetoic

3 letter words made from rhetoic:

tor, cio, tri, tho, hrt, rot, ceo, cro, etc, cer, het, hoe, thc, ter, toe, rho, oct, tie, rit, chi, cot, crt, roc, ret, ire, trh, tec, otc, ore, ect, ice, hot, hie, rio, tic, ert, roe.

5 letter words made from rhetoic:

hotei, corte, oerth, retch, echoi, hecto, rotec, ethio, ocher, ither, techo, iteco, citor, recht, ethic, ichor, rotie, heico, hotic, recio, cerio, choti, cothi, orhei, chito, ticer, thero, recit, thier, horie, thioe, recti, cirth, rithe, other, oteri, chier, coire, ecthr, troie, richt, erith, reich, tohir, rotch, recto, reith, throe, thori, horti, oiher, chirt, crith, toric, ochre, ethoi, certo, roehi, riche, treco, torch, tehri, hiero, theic, etich, tochi, threo, icher, rieth, chore, ehrco, choir, trico, teich, citro, chert, trice, rioch.

4 letter words made from rhetoic:

hoti, echt, tehr, treo, itoh, thro, rotc, coir, othe, thie, choe, rite, hoer, cero, reit, tero, orti, trio, chie, etch, hero, rich, reti, eohr, hire, heir, eich, tore, hore, ecto, ehrc, core, toei, toer, tier, rohe, ithe, choi, hice, thor, hoei, toch, tchr, tire, eroh, teoh, tihr, eiht, cite, orte, itch, riho, riot, thio, toci, trei, iteh, rico, oche, cert, reho, tohr, reth, roth, tech, echo, chit, riht, rice, thoi, tiro, otic, hito, cote, rote.

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