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How to spell RIANING correctly?

If you've accidentally written "rianing" instead of "raining", don't fret! The correct spelling of the word has an additional "g". Remember to proofread your work before submitting it to ensure such misspellings are caught. Utilizing spell-check tools or referring to a dictionary can also be helpful in avoiding this mistake.

List of suggestions on how to spell rianing correctly

  • Craning I saw her craning her neck to see the tall building.
  • grinning The little girl was grinning from ear to ear as she opened her birthday presents.
  • groaning She was groaning in pain after the intense workout.
  • raining It's raining so heavily outside that I can barely see the street.
  • ranging My taste in movies is quite diverse, ranging from action-adventure to romantic comedies.
  • ranking The national soccer team's ranking improved after their recent wins.
  • ranting I overheard my coworker ranting about our boss's latest decision.
  • reigning The reigning champion will face stiff competition in this year's tournament.
  • Reining She is a champion in reining competitions.
  • ringing I could hear the phone ringing from across the room.
  • rinsing
  • ripening The peach is ripening and will soon be ready to eat.
  • ruining After the party, I woke up to the awful sound of my roommate ruining our apartment's new carpet.
  • running I saw Daniel running faster than ever before in the park.

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