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How to spell RIGHLY correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "righly" include "rightly", "riley", "richly" or "rigidly". However, the correct spelling depends on the intended use and context of the word in the sentence. Always double-check spelling with a dictionary or spell-check tool to ensure accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell righly correctly

  • highly The company highly values its employees and provides them with excellent benefits.
  • rashly
  • richly The food laid out on the table was richly presented.
  • rigel He caught a rigel - a celestial body once thought to be a star - during a night sky observation.
  • right He said that he had the right to remain silent.
  • rightly He was rightly criticized for his careless behavior.
  • ripely The apples on the tree were ripely red and ready to be plucked.
  • Ripply The lake was ripply and the boats swayed back and forth.
  • roughly I roughly estimate that it will take two hours to finish.
  • wriggly I feeling a bit wriggly after eating that Big Mac.

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