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How to spell RIGTE correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "rigte" instead of "right", don't worry! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "rite", "rigid", "rigor" or "rid". Always double-check your spelling or rely on tools like autocorrect, to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell rigte correctly

  • frigate The frigate sailed smoothly across the sea, its colorful sails billowing in the wind.
  • Gite I would like to take a Gite in Provence.
  • GTE
  • kite I love flying my colorful kite at the beach on a windy day.
  • ligate
  • rage The man's rage was clear as he screamed and threw his phone across the room.
  • rate
  • ride
  • ridge The ridge separates the two valleys.
  • rift The disagreement caused a rift in their relationship.
  • rig The ship was built on a rig that allowed it to sail in all directions.
  • riga I saw a green riga in the garden.
  • rigel
  • rigged The election was rigged, resulting in an unfair victory for the incumbent.
  • rigger The rigger carefully inspected the ropes before the circus performance.
  • right He looked to his right and saw the beautiful sunset.
  • Righted The boat righted itself after being tossed around by the waves.
  • Righter
  • rigid The strict adherence to a rigid code of ethics made her company stand out from the rest.
  • rigor I need to apply more rigor to my study schedule.
  • RIGS The oil company will be bringing in more rigs to extract resources from the newly discovered oilfield.
  • riot The police used tear gas to disperse the riot.
  • Rioted The protesters rioted when the police didn't disperse the crowds.
  • rioter The police arrested a rioter who was seen throwing a molotov cocktail at a nearby store.
  • Rita My sister Rita is always telling me to stop blowing holes in my paycheck.
  • rite
  • rogue The rogue wave caused the boat to capsize.
  • rote He memorized the multiplication tables through rote learning.
  • route The driver followed the route from the airport.
  • RTE The RTE bus runs all the way to the city center.
  • write

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