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How to spell RIIRE correctly?

If you've typed "riire" instead of a correct word while searching for something, fret not! Possible correct suggestions could include "rire" (French for "laugh"), "rire" (Swahili for "laugh") or "rider" (someone who rides). Keep in mind the context and language to find the appropriate replacement for your intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell riire correctly

  • afire The candles on the birthday cake were set afire when the gust of wind blew through the window.
  • dire The dire state of the economy has caused many businesses to shut down.
  • Eire The traditional name for Ireland in Irish is Éire.
  • fire I could see the flames licking up the side of the barn as the fire roared towards my house.
  • hire I am going to hire a new accountant for my business.
  • ire Her disrespectful tone sparked the ire of her supervisor.
  • lire
  • Loire The Loire River runs through Western France and is known for its beautiful châteaux.
  • mire His car got caught in the mire after the storm.
  • moire The moire effect is created when two grids of lines cross each other at an angle.
  • PIRE
  • quire We bought a quire of paper to print our documents.
  • raise The company decided to raise the price of their products due to increased production costs.
  • rare "The endangered species of pandas are becoming increasingly rare in their natural habitats."
  • rehire After being laid off due to the pandemic, she was ecstatic to receive a call offering her a chance to rehire at her former company.
  • retire My grandfather will retire from his job next month after working there for forty years.
  • rewire It is necessary to rewire the old electrical system in order to avoid any potential fire hazard.
  • Rhine The Rhine River flows from Switzerland through Germany and the Netherlands, eventually emptying into the North Sea.
  • Rice I like to eat my vegetables with steaming hot rice.
  • Ride She was thrilled to experience the fastest roller coaster ride in the amusement park.
  • ridge The hiker reached the summit of the mountain and found that a narrow ridge led to the other side.
  • RIE
  • rife During the pandemic, misinformation about the virus has been rife on social media.
  • rifle The hunter aimed his rifle at the deer, trying to get a clear shot.
  • rile Her snarky comment was enough to rile him up for the rest of the day.
  • Rilke I recently read Rainer Maria Rilke's poem "Letters to a Young Poet" for a literature class.
  • rime The trees were coated in a glistening layer of rime after the winter storm.
  • rimfire The rimfire cartridge is commonly used in small game hunting and target shooting.
  • rinse After washing the dishes, I always rinse them with warm water to remove any soap residue.
  • ripe The fruit is not yet ripe and needs more time to mature.
  • RIR
  • rise She could feel her pulse start to rise as she approached the stage.
  • rite The traditional Hindu wedding rite involves the seven steps taken together around the sacred fire.
  • rive The powerful current of the river began to rive the once-sturdy bridge.
  • Rivne Rivne is a city in western Ukraine, located in the historic region of Volhynia.
  • shire
  • sire The loyal subjects bowed before their sire as he made his grand entrance.
  • spire The spire of the old church towered over the small town below.
  • tire After a long hike, my legs were so tired.
  • wire She used a wire to hang up the picture frame.
  • Zaire The Congo river flows through Zaire.

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