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How to spell RIOTTING correctly?

The correct spelling of "riotting" is "rioting". The misspelling can be corrected by removing the extra "t" from the word. Additional suggestions for avoiding spelling errors include using spell-check software, referring to a dictionary, and reviewing written text carefully.

List of suggestions on how to spell riotting correctly

  • Dotting She was meticulously dotting the i's and crossing the t's on her important report.
  • fitting The dress was the perfect fitting for her body type.
  • Gritting He was gritting his teeth against the pain.
  • hitting He was hitting the baseball with a wooden bat.
  • jotting She was busy jotting down notes during the lecture.
  • pitting The surface of the metal showed signs of pitting from long-term exposure to harsh chemicals.
  • Potting Potting plants can be a therapeutic and enjoyable hobby.
  • ratting I don't believe in ratting out my friends.
  • Rifting The East African Rift Valley is known for rifting or pulling apart in the Earth's crust.
  • Righting Righting the ship after a failed product launch was not an easy task for the company.
  • rioting The city was in chaos as the rioting continued for a second night in a row.
  • riveting This riveting thriller keeps you guessing until the end.
  • Roosting The bats were roosting upside down in the cave.
  • rooting
  • rotating The planet was rotating around its axis.
  • rotting The smell of rotting garbage emanated from the overflowing dumpster.
  • Routing The routing process will determine the best path for the information.
  • Rutting The sound of the deer rutting in the forest filled the air.
  • sitting
  • Totting My little sister is a totting genius.
  • Trotting The horse was trotting along the path in the park.
  • witting I'm not sure if you are witting or not.

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