How to spell RMORE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "rmore" instead of "more", fear not! Autocorrect could come to your rescue by suggesting the correct spelling. Similarly, your device might propose "remove" or "remore" as alternatives. Always double-check and choose the accurate option to avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell rmore correctly

  • armorer The armorer crafted a beautiful suit of armor for the knight.
  • armory The armory was stocked with guns, ammunition, and other necessary equipment.
  • Emory
  • mare The mare galloped through the field with her mane flowing in the wind.
  • mere
  • mire
  • moire The radiologist noticed a moire pattern on the x-ray.
  • moore Heidi prefers the company of Marco over that of Moore.
  • more I want more pizza than my friend does.
  • Moro The Moro tribe lives in the Philippines.
  • rare The rare coin collector is always looking for new coins to add to their collection.
  • remorse The man felt deep remorse for his actions and sincerely apologized to those he had wronged.
  • remote The remote control feels strange in my hand.
  • remove Please remove your cup.
  • rome
  • Rory Rory was nervous as he approached the stage to give his speech.
  • rumor The rumor that the school's new principal is a witch is just a meanie rumor.
  • rumored
  • rumors There are rumors that the company is planning layoffs.

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