How to spell ROAAD correctly?

We think the word roaad is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell roaad correctly

  • broad Perhaps they only see the broad effect.
  • rad Tom came to see Rad as often as he could, and did everything possible to make his aged servant's lot happier.
  • radar As the missiles climbed high into the stratosphere, the satellite's radar could pick them up and keep them on course by remote control.
  • raid From this grim and endless test of endurance, the Canadians had discovered a form of relief known as a "trench raid," a special development of trench warfare which later came to be adopted by their comrades of the French and British armies.
  • rand Rand followed him to the rear, laying aside his coat and hat.
  • rat Now Mr. Snale was a coward, but with a peculiarity which I have marked in animals of the rat tribe.
  • read "Our Dickon can only read printin'.
  • ready "To get ready," nodded Miss Hepsy.
  • red And I guess they would have reached his little red house in a few minutes if the Policeman Dog hadn't stopped them.
  • rid He seemed quite eager to get rid of Meg.
  • road As he passed, giving me half the road, I glanced up at him and called out cheerfully: "How are you, Brother?"
  • roads Go straight home, and no stopping about the roads.
  • roar She had not had time to put in her false eye, and her expression was so amusing that I went off into a roar of laughter.
  • rod Above, another wire depended from the ceiling, which could be connected with a small metallic rod projecting from a cap which was to be placed upon his head.
  • rood The girl's every movement was as lithe and stealthy as that of some wild animal; always on the alert for danger and ready for instant flight; but there seemed to be no cause for fear, and she crept on and on till the rood-screen was reached, and she passed into the chancel, where she soon lay down by the ornamental railings of the Candlish tomb, between it and the oak panels of that family's pew, where there was an interval quite large enough to hide her compact little frame.
  • rot I told him his nerves were talking, and talking rot, and I gave him the sleeping-draft and sent him to bed.
  • rota The tribunals are three in number: one for the forum internum, the Penitentiary; the other two for judicial matters in foro externo, the Rota and the papal Signatura.
  • rowdy Lacking this, it stood out and up in wicked disorder-like the hair of a rowdy, Winona said.
  • Rode And therewith he groaned piteously, and rode a great gallop away from them.
  • Roamed Roderick, clad always in white, roamed about like a restless ghost, silent for the most part, but making from time to time a brief observation, characterized by the most fantastic cynicism.
  • Roared He might as well have roared to a mad buffalo.
  • Rhoda I think Rhoda"-she looked at the servant as she spoke-"will help me with this case, and I should like as few other people as possible in the room.
  • Ronda I had hopefully telegraphed from Ronda that we would arrive early, en automobile; nevertheless, the landlord, knowing the route, was smilingly surprised to see us.
  • RDA The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) were a set of nutrition recommendations that evolved into both the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) system of nutrition recommendations (which still defines RDA values) and the RDIs used for food labelling.
  • RD American Potash Inst., Inc., Librarian, 1155 16th St., N. W., Washington Bush, Dr. Vannevar, 4901 Hillbrook Lane, Washington Littlepage, Thomas P., Union Trust Bldg., Washington Mitchell, Col. Lennard H., 2657 Woodley Rd. N. W., Washington
  • roadie The Story of Anvil, directed by the screenwriter and former Anvil roadie, Sacha Gervasi.

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  • already
  • aridly
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