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How to spell ROATE correctly?

The correct spelling for "roate" is "rotate". This common misspelling can be easily corrected by replacing the "o" with an "a". Other possible correct suggestions might include "route" or "rote", depending on the intended meaning. Remember to use spell-check or consult a dictionary when in doubt!

List of suggestions on how to spell roate correctly

  • orate The keynote speaker was known for his ability to orate for hours without losing the audience's attention.
  • rat
  • rate
  • Rater A rater is a person who rates something.
  • rite I have to go to my religious rite tonight.
  • road
  • roadie
  • Rode
  • root
  • Rooter I called the rooter to fix my clogged drain.
  • rot The apple will eventually rot if it is not eaten or stored properly.
  • rota The rotating task of finding a new job is a weekly rota.
  • rotate She decided to rotate her collection of books every month to keep her bookshelf looking fresh.
  • rote The student memorized the multiplication tables through rote learning.
  • rotter
  • rout I'm not going to that party. It's too rout.
  • route I need to find the route to the party.
  • router He is connecting to the router.
  • RTE The RTE is a national railway in Ireland.
  • Wrote She wrote a paper on the history of the chocolate industry.

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