What is the correct spelling for ROATIONS?

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Correct spelling for ROATIONS

We think the word roations is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for roations

  • ration Inclusive of the garrisons and reserves about one million of men and over 200,000 horses were on the ration list.
  • relations We have, then, here a new and important change of relations.
  • Rotations The rotations are of the atomic sort, and are at right angles to the direction of the conductor.
  • reactions Ink markings will register the various reactions.
  • rations I added that if any more than one of the party desired to retreat, I would provide them with rations and camels, when they could either return to Fowler's Bay by the way we had come, or descend to Eucla Station on the coast, which lay south nearly 170 miles distant.
  • creations These were the days of calm between the storms; halcyon days, as they have well been named, in which genius had sufficient freedom in determining its own direction to devote itself with all its strength to great creations.
  • orations What would we not give to listen to the very accents and tones of the Sermon on the Mount, the orations of Demosthenes, the first Pitt's appeal for American liberty, the Farewell of Washington, or the Address at Gettysburg?
  • Croatians The Croatians and Dalmatians, unable to make a living at home, are fleeing from starvation and mismanagement, and seeking work in America.
  • ratios Practically, ratios of exchange which are not money-prices rarely come in for discussion, outside the preliminary chapter on definition!

339 words made from the letters roations

3 letter words made from roations:

oat, irs, air, oas, son, too, tri, tar, ono, oar, ant, sit, rot, ton, rat, ain, rit, rio, art, sat, ras, sir, ion, oto, sot, tan, not, tin, ron, tai, ans, rna, tor, tia, sin, tao, iso, ani, ira, nit.

5 letter words made from roations:

osita, ratin, tiars, otori, intro, oinos, nitra, tiran, rosin, iatro, triso, isarn, arnos, sarti, anios, otira, rinta, noort, tinos, stoia, rinoa, artos, intar, ianto, stoai, airts, orion, siart, stair, siano, aorto, tsion, tiano, nioro, nitro, risto, ioras, ostra, ronis, santi, raits, tsair, roins, irons, stora, roost, saito, otson, noirs, onaro, trion, sinta, atoni, sarin, saron, sarto, tosar, isnot, sirat, ratos, roosa, oonts, stono, niort, ritan, roans, orisa, notas, sorto, artin, noosa, antos, oints, oraon, aints, troas, satir, otros, orani, onias, nario, rinso, rosti, roast, roton, soron, naito, siron, sonar, riano, saton, noria, trons, soori, rinat, ranis, riant, astro, snort, iotas, astin, stain, naris, toros, taros, ratio, nasri, astor, tonos, train, tonis, osani, arons, raion, nooit, roons, orona, sitar, trian, taosi, niota, ariot, trois, ostro, sotra, toosi, rants, rasin, trans, sinar, roots, orant, oirat, sitno, sario, trono, aiton, torna, otani, atrio, onair, airns, aroon, osona, troon, aitor, natio, storo, insta, satin, nisra, toons, soran, toron, rotis, notos, ronts, toori, ntoro, torso, rotan, irans, stirn, intra, saori, natos, tirso, staro, strin, tions, soria, snoot, otras, sonti, artoo, artio, rosan, rotos, rison, rinas, toona, nirta, tosin, otari, rosit, anoto, saint, soton, snirt, ornis, aiono, ratoo, oiran, sarni, stria, trani, nisar, orosi, arson, astir, torno, sarno, orito, ostan, trios, rotas, ation, tarns, ratso, tarso, risan, stran.

4 letter words made from roations:

oran, asio, orao, orno, inst, orti, rano, iora, rosa, otis, sion, iran, nito, naor, snot, star, iota, rain, stir, raio, itno, torn, anio, oast, noto, rani, stoo, sian, taos, toor, taon, trio, arno, sort, oont, oons, tian, nast, tsar, soar, soot, oton, sita, rots, rono, noir, tono, tiro, tsoo, anti, iton, nato, rant, sari, trna, airt, soon, orio, snit, tarn, soor, siar, toso, saor, iron, taro, onos, naso, asin, orto, oort, airs, tion, sant, roan, noio, oita, nits, tons, root, otro, nori, rota, arts, inoa, riot, tiao.

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