How to spell RODER correctly?

We think the word roder is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell roder correctly

  • coder A clinical coder therefore requires a good knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, a basic knowledge of clinical procedures and diseases and injuries and other conditions, medical illustrations, clinical documentation (such as medical or surgical reports and patient charts), legal and ethical aspects of health information, health data standards, classification conventions, and computer- or paper-based data management, usually as obtained through formal education and/or on-the-job training.
  • oder Our drain has come in, de oder platform; only one minute we haf.
  • order I found everything in good order.
  • radar An infinitesimal radar-bowl moved on the little ship.
  • raider They almost reached the river by galloping hard and fast; But the boys in blue were upon them ere ever they gained the ford, And Morgan, Morgan the raider, laid down his terrible sword.
  • reader The reader will observe that my name is not mentioned.
  • reorder encoding Buginese texts in a way not conforming to the Unicode standard, for example encoding texts with the vowel [e] before the consonant (also without warranty of stability for the future, when conforming fonts and text renderers will be available, because they will then reorder the vowel [e] with any consonant encoded before that vowel; this solution also does not work as it already creates the incorrect grapheme cluster boundaries, the vowel being already grouped with the previous character instead of the following, notably in text editors); specially encoding in Unicode the Buginese vowel [e] in such a way that it will never be reordered by a layout engine (conforming or not), for example by encoding this vowel after a non-breaking space (to make it appear in isolation) but still before the consonant (in visual order), provided that the font or layout engine correctly renders this combination (most layout engines support this universal convention displaying combining marks and diacritic character in isolation); this implies an orthographic change in texts (the vowel is no longer logically associated to any consonant, so full text searches and text correctors would need to also look for such isolated vowel occurring before a consonant), and additional complexities for users trying to enter Buginese texts.
  • ride You had better ride."
  • rider He was the-best rider of them all.
  • rioter Still another victim was a man who was shot while standing in the doorway of his home and a rioter by the name of Burke was shot and killed in the charge.
  • rod I hauled at the rod, and found another with my other hand.
  • rodeo But Reid was not to give possession of the property until after the fall rodeo.
  • roper In any case, Winn preferred him to Mr. Roper, who was obliged to teach Maurice in the afternoons.
  • rote To give some idea of the educational meagreness alluded to above, I may mention the fact that during my schooldays I never remember to have seen a map, while all my knowledge of geography was derived from passages learnt by rote.
  • rotor The main difference in the winding of a standard 18-incher and a lowspeed ehrenhafter rotor-
  • rotter She dislikes me, she thinks I am a rotter, and I expect she was right, but I shall not be in the future, and then perhaps she will change.
  • router Through NDP routing prefix advertisements, a router or server host may announce configuration information to all link-attached interfaces which causes additional IP address assignment on the receiving interfaces for local or global routing purposes.
  • rover Then, leaving his subordinate, the Rover advanced to the centre of the quarter-deck, whither he immediately summoned the principal offenders.
  • rower They are but shadows, as the rower grim Took none but shadows in his boat with him.
  • rudder The Rudder of our Ship was he, our Castle's corner stone!
  • rude I am very rude to speak like that to you!"
  • Rater The Bradford count may be biased no matter how experienced the rater is; also it relies heavily on number of crimps (regular undulations) per inch, which has a not-very-strong correlation with actual average fiber diameter.
  • Rode The party rode forward.
  • Rooter I wish to make just one last simple remark that I would care to soil myself with in your respects, Mister Herbert Illingsworth Atwater and Mister Henry Rooter!
  • Ryder Ryder coldly opposed the motion.
  • Roger "And here I am, Masther Roger!
  • Rodger Drew, Rodger (2006), The Streams Secret: The Symbolism of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
  • redder It was not redder than her cheeks.
  • Rhode Orders have been given to forward the Troops destind for the Defence of Rhode Island with all possible Dispatch.
  • rowdier The celebrations became rowdier and rowdier until 1847, when police forces were drafted in from London to sort out the Bonfire Boys.
  • ruder Shall we be ruder than the lower animals, who by their example teach us a proper respect of persons?

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