How to spell ROG correctly?

We think the word rog is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell rog correctly

  • bog But it is only a thin crust over a bog, so that the Tanks which went forward to-day here and there could not get very far without sinking in.
  • cog "Unparalleled misfortune overtook me-I stepped aside, but the world never waits; I was a cog discarded from the mechanism of society-" He was so pleased with the metaphor that he repeated it.
  • dog Now, by the dog, what have you been doing?
  • fog His head drooped upon his bent shoulders, and his dark, weary eyes were fixed upon the rising sea fog in a vacant gaze.
  • frog It might have been the voice of a frog.
  • grog The eloquent representations of Mrs. Morton, and the promises of her husband and his father, had the wished-for effect-the old tar consented to "give up grog," and did so, making exceptions only in favor of the "glorious first of June," the anniversary of Lord Howe's victory off Ushant, at which Jones was present, the fourth of July, 'lection days, Thanksgiving days, and the birth of Mrs. Morton's first child.
  • hog "I guess likely I 'll stop in to-morrow," said the other man; "I like to see a han'some hog.
  • jog It seemed cozy and pleasant to jog home from a party in a private cab, with an agreeable man by one's side.
  • log "It worked, and that living log became a man again.
  • rag They talk every rag of news to smithereens, don't they, Rose?"
  • rig Can you hire me a rig?"
  • rob Shall he rob his old comrade's son?"
  • rod I speak from the record as I have examined every rod of the ground.
  • roe They call the roe of a fish and a bird's egg by one name.
  • rom But still more striking is the second quotation in Rom.
  • ron For a moment I thought it was my imagination, but when I found I could see Ron stooping over the developing-dish I knew that I was all right again.
  • rot "It is a sword's laziness, making it rot.
  • row Mrs. Quinn had gone off about her business with no row.
  • rug What he heard induced him to stuff his pocket-handkerchief into the keyhole, and to lay the hearth-rug across the considerable chink which, as is usual, admitted a healthy draught under the bottom of the door.
  • tog Call off te tog!
  • Gog For you cannot glance at the twins without seeing that Gog is incalculably the sturdier.
  • Roy Roy managed to save the rabbit from a bad fall by catching it in one hand just as it rolled over the edge and in another moment was holding it forth, a very badly frightened little mass of white fur and pink eyes, to its distressed mistress.
  • wog "Madam," I overheard a well-known voice say in a nasal tone close to me, "allow me to remark, that for a hand, arm, and wrist, I have not seen anything since I have been in England like that owned by your daughter Mary;" and Mr Wog complacently edged himself from the side of Lady Mundane to that of the daughter he had eulogised, and who audibly asked Scraper to get between her and that horrid man.
  • Reg You have to go with Reg to the Elm Fields Station to meet mamma-don't forget that-at five o'clock.
  • ROEG For Fergus, son of Roeg, former king over Emain, who had stayed behind his charges feasting and banqueting, came presently to Emain, fearing nothing and thinking no evil, but still warm with the reconciliation that he had accomplished; and, coming to Emain of Maca, found the sons of Usnac dead, with the sods still soft on their graves, and his own son also dead, Deirdre in the hands of Concobar, and the plighted word of Fergus and his generous pledge of safety most traitorously and basely broken; broken by Concobar, whom he himself had guarded and set upon the throne.

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