Correct spelling for ROLEOF

We think the word roleof is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for roleof

  • aloof "It is my nature to stand aloof.
  • clef In addition to this Guido is generally credited with the introduction of the F clef.
  • golf As well choose a surgeon from his ability to play golf.
  • leaf It is Hugh of Vienne on the Apocalypse, on the second leaf quod possessio eius.
  • reef When she reached the screen door, she had a tussle with them, one by one, taking a sort of reef in the trailing skirt as each puppy was successfully disposed of, until all of it was clear of the sharp little teeth, and she could bang the door to between them.
  • ref Ref. : O. 77, C. 165, L. 305, B. 301, S. P. 179, P. 283, T. 112, P. v. 152. -W. 194, V. 308.
  • relief A sigh of relief passed from his lips, and he went from the room to give notice of the death.
  • rile Old Rile Foster stood just inside, his gun half-raised before him.
  • riley Mr. Riley is ill; he has got blood-poisoning through a cut in his hand.
  • roiled Killdeer cried for slaughter, in plaintive tones, as their white breasts gleamed silver-like across the sky. They insisted on the death of their ancient enemies, because the deer had trampled nests around the shore, roiled the water, spoiled the food hunting, and had been wholly unmindful of the laws of feathered folk from the beginning.
  • role So the role of one brother was to suggest, that of the other to repress.
  • roll As I was leaving I begged the future Madame Lebel to return me the ring I had given her, and as we had agreed, I presented her with a roll of a hundred Louis, which she took with a melancholy air.
  • rolled It rolled right on, nearer and nearer.
  • roller I watched her ink the roller, run it over the form on the press, put the blank paper on, give the press a few turns, and behold!
  • roof It can't hurt the roof, can it?"
  • rove Of Lucrine's azure lake the boast; Nor luscious product of the eastern flood, Driven by the stormy winds upon our coast; Nor costly birds, that hither rove Natives of Ionian grove, Can with more poignant zest his senses meet Than the love-kneaded cates of this unpurchas'd treat.
  • rover But, just as every body was shaking hands, and wishing his neighbour joy at so happy a punishment coming over the knaves, a West-Indiaman came into port, that had been robbed by the Rover on the morning after the night in which it was thought they had all gone into eternity together.
  • rule "They're not, as a rule.
  • ruler He was a a most painstaking and enlightened ruler.
  • wolf Sullenly answered Ulf, The old sea-wolf; "You have need of me!"
  • rollover When it was all over, he went down into his state-room, and shut himself in, and let his misery rollover him. He felt as if there were a flood of it, and it washed him to and fro, one gall of shame, of self-accusal, of bitterness, from head to foot.
  • Leif Then they carried their hammocks ashore and set to work to build a house When the house was finished Leif called his companions together and spoke to them.
  • Olaf At last Olaf broke the stillness by asking: "Why are you all dumb?
  • Roles She was coolly treating him as it was his role to treat others; and he did not like the change of roles.

43 words made from the letters roleof

3 letter words made from roleof:

ref, ler, elf, loo, leo, ore, foe, roe, for, ofo.

5 letter words made from roleof:

ferol, eloor, roleo, roelf, frolo, foleo, leoro, floor, floer.

4 letter words made from roleof:

lero, eorl, rolo, oleo, looe, foro, rofe, role, foel, roof, lofe, fore, fool, lore, rolf, foor, oreo, olor, freo, floe, fler, frol.

6 letter words made from roleof:

fooler, ferloo.

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