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How to spell ROMOTE correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "romote", fear not! The correct term you're seeking is "remote". Whether you're referring to a remote control, remote work or remote locations, making this slight adjustment will ensure your message is accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell romote correctly

  • comte The comte de Saint-Germain was a notable figure in French history.
  • emote
  • mote
  • promote I am going to promote my business by advertising it on social media.
  • promoter Scott has been a promoter of healthy living for many years.
  • remote I lost my TV remote and had to get up to change the channel manually.
  • remoter The house is located much remoter than usual.
  • remotes I have misplaced the remotes for the TV and the sound system.
  • robot The robot is going to the store.
  • rome She wore a shirt with the word " Rome" written on it.
  • root The root of the plant was deep in the ground.
  • rooted The plant was rooted in the soil for support.
  • Rooter Sam hired a professional rooter to clean out the clogged drains in his house.
  • rote He had memorized the poem by rote and recited it flawlessly.
  • route She planned her route to avoid rush hour traffic.
  • Smote The hero with his sword smote the dragon, killing it with a single blow.

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