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How to spell RONGS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "rongs" instead of "wrongs", fear not! Autocorrect can lead us astray, but here are three plausible suggestions: "songs" if it's a musical reference, "rings" for jewelry enthusiasts or "prongs" for those engaging in arts and crafts. Remember, even mistakes can lead to unexpected discoveries!

List of suggestions on how to spell rongs correctly

  • bongs They were smoking their favorite herb out of bongs at the party.
  • dongs The child laughed and pointed at the colorful dongs hanging from the mobile above their crib.
  • gongs The deep resonating sound of the gongs filled the room, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and zen.
  • longs He longs to travel the world and experience new cultures.
  • pongs The rancid smell of rotten eggs lingered in the air and filled the room with unpleasant pongs.
  • prongs The deer's antlers had long, sharp prongs that glinted in the sunlight.
  • rings I heard the doorbell rings as soon as I finished getting ready.
  • rungs She climbed up the ladder, gripping onto the rungs tightly to reach the top.
  • songs I listen to a variety of songs from different genres.
  • tongs She used a pair of tongs to pick up the hot charcoal.
  • wrongs Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes a strong person to admit their wrongs and make amends.

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