How to spell ROO correctly?

We think the word roo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell roo correctly

  • boo And no need to have your gun where you can grab it when the first man says boo!
  • coo Aurora, clasping her hands in a delight that could find no words to express it, made a sound like the coo of a dove.
  • goo Goo- Goo is nice too.
  • loo "Don't talk in that way, Loo!
  • moo And the old mother cow cried: " Moo!
  • rho Petey confessed afterward that, of all the Rep Rho Betas, only seven had ever been on a horse, and, of these, three kept him in agony for fear they would fall off and compel him to explain that they were on the verge of delirium tremens.
  • rio They are fighting great battles on the Rio Grande!
  • rob Have ye ony tobacco, Rob?
  • rod After crossing the bridge over the stream that runs serpentining through the Upper Hadleigh Wood on its way to join the Rod River, they were soon at the Abbey Cross Roads.
  • roe 15,400. Have you a farm at North Roe, on the estate of Busta?
  • rom 355. 852 Mommsen, Rom.
  • ron The air was instinct with seduction, faintly touched by the pungency of Ron Bacardi and limes, and bland with the vapors of delightful cigars.
  • rood Rood, 209 Mondovi, good roman type, 89 Montanus, Arias, relations with Plantin, 275 sq.
  • roof When we crossed last I stood by to see a baggage-car brought up alongside the stone platform, piled with trunks and other baggage to the roof, the doors thrown open, and the contents literally tumbled out pell-mell.
  • rook During such a gale a rook may often be seen struggling to get over a row of trees, and stationary, though using his wings vigorously, suspended a little way above the topmost branches.
  • room Gregorics let them in, and they saw the caldron in the middle of the room.
  • root This lady, from her courtly carriage, beauty, and affability, was the wonder of all that knew her; but, as covetousness is the root of all evil, so it happened here.
  • rot The tide came up and covered the lower half of the prostrate tree, drowning what creatures had not made their escape and quickening the air-plants with a false rain, which in course of time would rot their very hearts.
  • row We heard a tremendous row going on of mingled cries and shouts and shrieks.
  • too Morning always came too soon for Dilsey Quinn.
  • woo May was blythe and cheerful, half-singing and half-chanting the now old, but then popular song- "Oh, tarry woo is ill to spin!
  • zoo You will have seen the black bear at the Zoo, and noticed the swing of his head as he turns before ever reaching the end of his cage?
  • Roy In 1528 and the following year books by Tyndale, Roy, and Frith appeared purporting to be printed by "Hans Luft at Malborowe in the land of Hesse."
  • FOO If we fail to knock upon the outer gate of Ti-foo at noon to-day Ko'en Cheng will say: 'My word returns.
  • POO On the 29th, they were again summoned to attend by the road side to do homage before the Emperor, as he passed them on his way to a pagoda or Poo-ta-la, a kind of temple or monastery, where a great number of priests, clothed in yellow, lived together in a state of celibacy; and here he made his burnt-offerings.

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