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How to spell ROOPS correctly?

If you've misspelled "roops", fret not! The correct word you might be searching for is "troops". The term 'troops' refers to a group of soldiers or military personnel. Paying close attention to spellings ensures clear and effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell roops correctly

  • coops The chicken COOPS lived in the Large Coop.
  • crops After planting the crops, he irrigation system needed to be set up.
  • droops The droops left his body as he tumbled to the ground.
  • drops
  • groups There were several groups of people gathered in the park for the picnic.
  • hoops Basketball players practice shooting hoops every day to improve their accuracy.
  • LOOPS I had to run loops around the park to prepare for the upcoming marathon.
  • OOPS Oops, I accidentally deleted that important email.
  • ops The ops team was working hard to resolve the network outage.
  • POOS The cat poos near the fire.
  • props I need to get some props for my show.
  • raps The rapper raps about his life experiences in his latest album.
  • reaps The farmer reaps the crops during harvest season.
  • REPS The reps were happy to hear about the new promotion.
  • RIOS I love my rios!
  • rips The angry cat rips apart the couch with its claws.
  • ROES
  • ROMPS I always enjoy a good ROMPS.
  • roods The church had a line of roods depicting the passion of Christ from his entry to Jerusalem to his resurrection.
  • roofs The roofs of the houses are covered in green tiles.
  • rooks The rooks had long since gone from the forest.
  • rooms There are ten rooms in the hotel where we have made reservations for our vacation.
  • roots I have a lot of roots in the ground.
  • rope She used a rope to tie down the tarp on the boat.
  • ropes I always tie my shoes with ropes
  • ropy The sauce was so ropy that it was difficult to pour.
  • ross After climbing a tall tree, Ross found a great spot to watch the sunset.
  • rows The rows of books were alphabetically ordered.
  • RPS RPS is a hand game that is often used to decide a winner between two players.
  • troops A battalion of troops is being deployed to the area.

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