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How to spell RORED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "rored", there are several possible corrections depending on the intended word. If the intended word is "roared", then simply adding an "a" after the "r" would correct the mistake. If the intended word is "erred", then replacing the "o" with an "e" would fix the error.

List of suggestions on how to spell rored correctly

  • bored I am feeling bored and restless without anything to do.
  • Bred She bred several prize-winning show dogs.
  • cored Cored strawberries are a delicious addition to any dessert!
  • cred His cred as a musician grew steadily over the years as he continued to produce quality albums.
  • Erred You erred when you opted not to vote.
  • Fred Fred is a fantastic dancer.
  • Gored The dragon's gored body blocked the passage.
  • Moored
  • Oared The crew oared the boat through the calm water of the lake.
  • Pored She carefully pored over the document.
  • Poured She poured herself a cup of coffee before beginning her work.
  • rare The steak was cooked to a perfect rare.
  • rarer The blue diamond is rarer than a regular diamond.
  • Reared The lizard was reared in captivity.
  • red
  • reed The sound of the reed instruments filled the room.
  • reread I had to reread the chapter multiple times to fully understand the concept.
  • Rioted The inmates rioted in the prison, setting fire to their cells and causing extensive damage throughout the facility.
  • road I walked down the road to get to the grocery store.
  • Roamed After the funeral, the family roamed around the city.
  • Roared I roared with laughter when I read the joke.
  • roarer The roarer was too drunk to care.
  • Robbed The store was robbed recently.
  • robed The wizard was robed in a long, flowing cloak adorned with mystical symbols.
  • Rocked The earthquake rocked the city, leaving countless people homeless and helpless.
  • rod He must have used a rod to open the door.
  • Rode
  • rodeo I always enjoy going to the rodeo.
  • roiled The crowd was roiled by the speaker's inflammatory rhetoric.
  • rolled After getting off the bus, she rolled her luggage across the street.
  • rood Shepherd on the rood.
  • roofed The building is roofed with a metal roof.
  • Rooked The book was rooked and empty.
  • Roomed I roomed with my best friend during our trip to New York City.
  • rooted The love for his country was deeply rooted in his heart.
  • Roped I was roped into playing with them.
  • Rory Rory is eagerly waiting for the arrival of his friends at the party.
  • rote I have a lot of rote memorization to do for my upcoming test.
  • rotted The apple had rotted beyond recognition.
  • rouged She rouged her cheeks to add some color to her pale complexion.
  • Roused I was so roused from my sleep that I shivered.
  • routed The army was routed by the enemy, causing them to retreat and regroup.
  • Roved Roved the logs to the edge of the stream.
  • Rowed Billy rowed his boat across the lake.
  • Rued Please give me back my ring, it's somewhere in the house - Rued
  • rumored It is rumored that the company will be announcing a new product next week.
  • Shored I was feeling pretty shored up after my conversation with my therapist.
  • Soared The eagle soared high above the mountains, scanning the terrain for prey below.
  • soured The milk's taste soured after being left outside the fridge overnight.
  • Toured Last summer, we toured across Europe for six weeks and visited many historical sites.

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