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How to spell ROSERY correctly?

If the intended word is "rosary", possible correct suggestions could include "rosary", "rosaries" or "prayer beads". If the intended word is "rosette", possible suggestions could include "rosette", "medallion" or "decorative pin". It is important to consider the context and intended meaning to determine the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell rosery correctly

  • grocery I need to stop at the grocery store on my way home to pick up some milk.
  • hosiery I need to buy a new pair of hosiery for my interview tomorrow.
  • misery The loss of her beloved pet caused her so much misery.
  • riser The riser on the staircase was loose and needed to be fixed.
  • risers My work table is littered with risers to hold my papers.
  • robbery
  • rockery He spent the entire morning arranging rocks in his new rockery.
  • roguery She practices a form of Roguery which allows her to get what she wants.
  • Romero Romero was a talented filmmaker.
  • rookery The beach had a large rookery where the penguins nested.
  • Rory Rory didn't hesitate to help his neighbor fix their car.
  • rosary She clutched her rosary tightly as she prayed for her family's safety.
  • rose A rose is a flower that is often associated with love and romance.
  • roseau
  • rosemary I always put a note of rosemary in my linen closet to keep the fresher.
  • ROSES I received a dozen red roses for my birthday.
  • Rosier The Rosier family has a long history in this town.
  • Rosily
  • roster The roster is full of players who have never won a game.
  • rosy The glowing horizon painted a rosy hue over the landscape.
  • rotary A rotary phone is a telephone that uses a whirling gear to rotate the phone in your hand.

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