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How to spell ROTAMR correctly?

The correct spelling for "rotamr" could be "rotamer". A rotamer refers to a specific conformation of a molecule in chemistry. It is formed due to rotation around a single bond, resulting in different arrangements. Accurate suggestions are essential to ensure clear communication and understanding in scientific research and discussions.

List of suggestions on how to spell rotamr correctly

  • roam I love to roam through the colorful streets of the city, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.
  • roamer The roamer enjoyed exploring new places on his backpacking trip.
  • roams The lion roams freely in the savannah, searching for its next prey.
  • roar The sound of the lion's mighty roar echoed through the African savannah.
  • rota Everyone takes it in turns to be on the rota for taking the garbage out.
  • rotary I joined the local rotary club to volunteer and make a positive impact in my community.
  • rotas The manager created weekly rotas to schedule shifts for the staff.
  • rotate To ensure even cooking, rotate the tray of cookies halfway through baking.
  • rotator The car had a rotator cuff, allowing it to rotate a full 360 degrees.
  • rotor The helicopter's main rotor spun rapidly, generating the lift needed for takeoff.
  • rotter "I heard that the new employee is a real rotter and nobody likes working with him."

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