Correct spelling for ROTAR

We think the word rotar is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for rotar

  • mortar It was not a cannon which had awakened him, but a mortar from the city, where the flag was being dedicated.
  • rad Uncle Rad who had loudly denounced the man as an impostor and a blackmailer before he set eyes on him, was ready to give him love and confidence the moment he saw him: and Luke was discarded like an old coat that no longer fitted.
  • radar His head struck the radar screen and, as if mocking him the radar bell clanged its warning.
  • rat This was not a real rat, but the ghost of one- of that one I had killed!
  • rate "That's a fust-rate plan.
  • rear They will then press forward towards the York River Railroad, closing upon the enemy's rear, and forcing him down the Chickahominy.
  • riot I cried, through a riot of sobs that came from me like potatoes from a sack.
  • rioter RYOTOUR, s. roysterer, lit. rioter, C 692; Ryotoures, pl. C 661.
  • road "Yes; we thought you were on the road with the 'Follies.
  • roar The roar of their wings when they were disturbed in the trees could be heard half a mile away.
  • rod But in the afternoon the third came-the first golden-rod.
  • root Look out you don't trip on that root!
  • roster His name should stand high in the roster of modern English verse.
  • rot "'Tis what I hain't touched for years-not I. Rot the stuff; it would lie in my innerds like lead.
  • rota In Micronesia: Mariana Islands-Saipan, Tinian, Rota, Guam; Palau Islands-Babelthuap, Koror, Peleliu; Caroline Islands-Yap, Truk.
  • rotary They supplemented their efforts by a curious rotary movement of the legs and feet.
  • rotate But it is known that the form of the boomerang, and the fact that one of its limbs is longer and heavier than the other, gives its centre of gravity a very peculiar situation; and when the weapon is thrown by one end, it has naturally a tendency to rotate, and the manner of this rotation is determined by the peculiar impetus given it by the hand of the man who throws it.
  • rotc Reserve Officers' Training Corps was started on the campus during his tenure and the schools ROTC building is named Barker Hall.
  • rote Nor could he learn half-a-dozen sentences by rote.
  • rotor Third, the lay shaft driving the governor oil pump and reciprocator is located underneath the main turbine shaft, so that the rotor may be readily removed without in the least disturbing the governor adjustment.
  • rotter I was just asking mother why she let Lucy marry that old rotter?"
  • rout Paulus, in the whirling eddies of the rout, covered with darts which still stuck in his wounds, and overwhelmed with sorrow at the defeat, sat down on a stone to await his death at the hands of the enemy.
  • route He walked his own route, sometimes singing, sometimes dreaming, sometimes amusedly silent, and always working.
  • router This part of the address for a router will always be 0x00.
  • rut The road becomes pretty much a mere trail here, a rut-track, smooth enough in the rut, where the wheels ran, but rough for the horse's feet in between.
  • tar The r in words like sweeter is derived, not from tar-t, but from s, changed into r.
  • Rater The Provider and the Green Rater do not certify the project, but rather assist in the certification process.
  • Rooter What I was going to say, Florence: Don't you think your cousin Herbert and Henry Rooter have got the nicest eyes of any boy in town?
  • Wrote Yes; I wrote it."
  • Rhoda It was a few minutes later when Rhoda said, 'I am fired with zeal, I confess it.
  • Rita "You had better take more than one sheet, Rita," he said softly.
  • RDA Bravos original contract for TNA Wrestling Programming was an 18 month contract and was distributed by RDA TV, and the deal was extended on 1 July 2008 for another 18 months which was once again negotiated by RDA TV.
  • rots Never should it be forgotten that the child, born chancewise, and then cast upon the pavement, without supervision, without prop or help, rots there and becomes a terrible ferment of social decomposition.
  • roars He spoke hurriedly, swallowing his words as it were, gesticulated with his hands, threw his legs about and went into roars of laughter at everything.
  • RT Ministers made some wild and undignified speeches, of which the following spicy extract, from a speech by the Rt.
  • RTE The standard Clio RTE powered with a 1.
  • rotors If the shaft and bearings were not centered exactly at the center of gravity of the rotors-five hundred pounds of steel off balance at 40,000 r.

15 words made from the letters rotar

3 letter words made from rotar:

oar, art, tor, tar, rot, rat, tao, orr, oat.

5 letter words made from rotar:


4 letter words made from rotar:

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